I’ll send you to the convent: when the second edition begins, location, who are the protagonists

The second edition of the program I send you to the convent starts: how it takes place, location, and who the nuns are.

I’m sending you to the convent it is a format that we got to see in 2021 with the first edition. Girls who lead a very busy life, often far from the norm and above all far from many rules, enter a convent where they have to live for about 4 weeks.

I send you to the convent, when the first edition starts, who are the protagonists (Credits: instagram)

In these weeks they have to ‘change’ their lives and follow the rules of the sisters who accompany them on this inner journey. There are many things to do inside the convent and to respect, such as waking up early in the morning, praying, not partying, helping each other and helping with housework, but there are also many moments of rest together, between smiles, emotions and lots of good advice. In the first edition the girls made a very nice bond with the nuns and despite the ups and downs, they managed to find something good in this experience. Now the new edition is about to start: let’s find out when it starts, which is the chosen convent and who the nuns are.

I’m sending you to convent 2: when the new edition begins, protagonists, location

After the success of the first edition, the second is about to start. I’m sending you to the convent he is ready to immerse ourselves in the daily life of six girls who will live in a convent together with the local nuns. The format shows what happens when two worlds very far from each other come into contact or rather live together 24 hours a day.

Before arriving in the religious place, however, the girls are not aware of the destination but think that they will have to start an adventure suited to their lifestyle. Instead, they will meet at the gates of the convent. But when does the second edition of Ti spedisco in convent start and where does it take place? The new edition starts on April 17 on Real Time but it is available from 10 April on Doscivery +.

I am sending you to the convent 2nd edition
Credits: instagram

The Convent of the Daughters of Divine Zeal opens its doors to the 6 girls without rules. But who are the nuns? In the religious structure, Sister Carolina, provincial councilor, mother superior Sister Patrizia, Sister Julind, a music lover, and Sister Laxmi, passionate about botany, and Sister Agnes, skilled in the kitchen, accompany the young women on this journey. At the moment we do not know the names of the girls, we will find out soon.