Illness for Eugenio Finardi, concerts suspended

Illness for Eugenio Finardi who had to postpone his concerts in Brindisi and Ostuni. He tells it himself on his Facebook page. “Today I was queuing at Linate for boarding flight AZ1643 for Brindisi when, suddenly, my heart started beating madly, the sweat to run and the head spin. Mine

iPhone reported Atrial Fibrillation. They took me in trouble to the Airport Medical Center and then in an Ambulance to the Monzino Cardiology Center, where they took care of me in an excellent and courteous manner. Pharmacological Cardioversion is

went well and now I’m home. Dazed but okay. Tomorrow visits and checks … I want to apologize to the public of Brindisi and Ostuni. I promise we’ll get back to you soon. the appointment is just postponed for a while! ”