“I’m dyslexic but my ‘certificate’ arrived late”: the actress tells herself with an open heart

I’m dyslexic but my ‘certificate’ came late”: the actress told herself with an open heart during an interview, what she said.

We all have difficulty telling others things about our private life. And if it’s about something we’ve always kept hidden, it becomes even more complicated to talk about it. Even for celebrities from the entertainment world it is not easy, they often reveal unpublished facts of their lives during interviews. Other times they try, also in this case, to avoid that it is known.

“I’m dyslexic but..” (credits: instagram) sologossip

However, they don’t always manage to keep the private part hidden and sometimes it comes out. A beloved actress, very young, in an interview a few weeks ago with Fanpage he decided to open up completely. He talked about his future plans but also highlighted the difficulties he encountered along the way.

As she spoke, she explained that her parents have always pushed her to discover new areas. She dreams big, dreams of America and has the desire to establish herself in the cinema. During this interview she also spoke about her private part of her life: “I’m dyslexic but my ‘certificate arrived late”.

“I’m dyslexic but my certificate arrived late”: the actress said in an interview

During the interview with Fanpage he recounted his plans for the future but also spoke of the difficulties he encountered on his way. Jenny De Nucci, a very young 22-year-old actress, is the protagonist of Paolo Ruffini’s film ‘Ragazzaccio’ released in theaters from November 3rd. You said that you dream of America and of being able to establish yourself in the world of cinema.

The film is set in the midst of the pandemic when students did distance learning. In reality, this was a great obstacle for millions of pupils and when asked how she would have experienced this link with the school, she let it be known that she was lucky to have completed her journey in her presence: “Surely for those who have more difficulty in relating, and it is precisely at school that they can dampen these problems, it must have been tremendous”.

I'm dyslexic I tell
Confession of the actress (credits: instagram) sologossip

Jenny said she has troubled memories of her school days: “I’m dyslexic, but my “certificate” arrived very late, in third year”. He did a lot of repetitions but something kept going wrong. One day they decided to get to the bottom of the problem to understand what it was: “We decided to investigate the matter further and dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia came out”. The actress said it was traumatic. She had anxiety about going to school since she was little but in the end she coped well. Despite the difficulties she has encountered on her path, today Jenny is making herself known and appreciated in the world of acting and the dream of establishing herself in cinema is strong.