“I’m leaving”, competitor leaves the house of Gf Vip 6: sensational farewell

A competitor wants to leave the house of Gf Vip 6: “I’m leaving”, it would really be a resounding farewell for the reality show

The game starts to get tough. The reality show contestants falter. Someone even threatens to want to leave. No one knows yet that the game will be extended until March, but some are starting to suspect it. When the news becomes official also in the house, we are sure that some competitors will not take it well. One in particular has already threatened to quit the game.

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Gf Vip 6, resounding goodbye: “I’m leaving” (Source: Screen video instagram)

Competitor leaves the house of Gf Vip 6: “I’m leaving”

The sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip it will soon become the longest ever. The leaders of Mediaset have in fact decided to extend the duration of the reality show, arriving until March 2022. The news has already been announced, but the competitors in the house they still don’t know.

Someone, however, begins to do the math. In fact, there are still many in the house and in the last episode two other competitors entered, Patrizia Pellegrino and Maria Monsé. With this capacity it is numerically impossible for the final to be scheduled by the end of the year.

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So someone has understood that the game will be extended beyond 2021 and is starting to falter. Coexistence is difficult and the lack of loved ones is always strong. There are also work commitments already established. A competitor has already announced that, in the event of an extension of the duration, she will decide to leave the game. Do you want to know who it is? And then keep reading the article.

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GF Vip voltage Katia
(Source: Screen Video Mediaset)

The competitor Katia Ricciarelli seems willing to leave the program. It was Miriana Trevisan who revealed the singer’s intentions: “Every day Katia tells me that at Christmas she has to do things”. The roommate then added: “He specified that it will be released in December. He just said to me ‘I want to leave because I have to work at Christmas’ “. Among other things, Katia also confirmed Davide Silvestri’s intention.