“I’m not someone who wants to be on TV at all costs”: the surprise confession

Interviewed on Rai Uno some time ago, she told herself with an open heart, revealing that she does not want to be on TV necessarily: the unexpected words.

Not everyone would be willing to sacrifice so many things to earn the so-called ‘place in the sun’ in TV. Although the world of entertainment is considered by many to be the best that can be obtained from life, it is not something that cannot be renounced for everyone. This is not the case, for example, for a well-known showgirl, whom we all appreciate for her beauty and her sympathy.

Being on tv showgirl tells itself (Credits: Instagram)

Arrived on the small screen thanks to the passion for dance that she started practicing as a child, television also allowed her to meet the man of her life. He is in fact very famous and much loved by the public. Together for over 13 years, the two have a son and still their love makes everyone dream.

Ever since he built a family, the showgirl she has chosen to put her work aside a bit to devote herself almost entirely to her role as mother and wife. A decision that they certainly would not have been willing to make all of them. But she has no regrets and she says she is happy as well. You also talked about it some time ago during an interview on Rai Uno.

“I’m a lucid person”: the unexpected revelation about his relationship with TV

We are talking about the beautiful and nice Giovanna Civitilloa dancer who joined Rai back in 1996 a One Morning Summerwhom in 2009 he married Amadeus. The two met thanks to the transmission The legacyof which he was conductor from 2002 to 2006 and where she had the role of Professor. Who does not remember the historic ‘shock’ of him? At the weekly PeopleAmadeus said that to invite her to their first appointment, in Corso Como in Milan, he had her deliver a ticket through an assistant: “If she had come, I would have read it as a sign of destiny telling me to put my head right” .

Giovanna and the famous Rai face (who had a finished first marriage behind him and was already Alice’s father) got married in a civil ceremony in 2009, after giving birth to their son Josè Alberto. After ten years, in 2019, they then remarried in the Church. Theirs is one of the most in love and united couples in the entire entertainment world and since their union became official, Civitillo has chosen not to work on TV as before.

For her, however, this is not a problem at all. To the microphones of Marco Liorni a Italy Yes! last year, she confessed: “As a child I used to watch TV and dreamed of becoming like Heather Parisi, Lorella Cuccarini or Alessandra Martines”. After the success obtained with the ‘shock’ however, she understood that she too had another great dream and that is to create a family: “My priorities had changed: it was no longer me, it was us”.

Being the wife of such a famous person, however, also exposes to criticism: “For the public I will always be ‘the shock’ or ‘the wife of Amadeus'”, he says. However, she does not see it as a problem, on the contrary, she is happy and proud that he is her husband: “I am a lucid person, I can recognize if I can be useful to a program or not. In the latter case I’m not going. I’m not someone who wants to be on TV at all costs ”.

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Being on TV unexpected revelation (Credits: Instagram)

Congratulations to Giovanna Civitillo for the great intelligence that transpires from her words.