“I’m so sorry”, Selvaggia Lucarelli displaces the fans: sad announcement

The journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli shocks the fans with a sad announcement: “I’m so sorry”, in this article we report her words

The famous writer indulged in a very sad confession on social media. None of his followers would have expected such a confession. We are used to an often controversial and never mushy Lucarelli. This time, however, she found a reason to let go.

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Sad announcement by Selvaggia Lucarelli on social networks: here are her words (Source: Instagram)

The sad announcement of Selvaggia Lucarelli

Selvaggia Lucarelli was born on July 30, 1074, is 47 years old and is a famous journalist, writer, television and radio host. She made her debut between the nineties and two thousand as a theatrical actress, but became known to the general public as a blogger in 2002 thanks to “Stanza Selvaggia”. He later started working on the radio.

He has also published five books, while as a journalist he has collaborated since 2003 with some Italian newspapers, such as the Fatto Quotidiano from 2015 to 2021 and the information site TPI, for which he is responsible for the news and entertainment sections.
Recently she was chosen by Milly Carlucci as judge of “Dancing with the Stars“.

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Having now become famous, it is also very popular on social networks. On Instagram, for example, it can count on more than one million followers. She is also very popular on Twitter. His posts, both on one and on the other social network, receive thousands of interactions.

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Wild Lucarelli companion

Recently, right on the popular social network, he published a long post that spiked his fans. Lucarelli posted a photo of the son, from which she had to separate due to Covid.

In the description of the post, Lucarelli wrote: “We held on for two years dodging this stuff and then, unexpectedly, we live it apart. I am so sorry, even if you have no symptoms and you are fine, because it is yet another time you are being deprived of. And I also miss the roscio (referring to the cat ed.), with which making a quarantine is undoubtedly a further test of resistance. The Playstation and the scratching post are waiting for you “.