IMAGinACTION, Mauro Repetto, Piero Pelù and Olly tell their story through images

It’s a day when we get confused between nostalgia and contemporaneity. Because he 883 And Piero Pelù I am part of a very specific generation, the one that was a teenager in the nineties, but which has now seduced four of them. Then, there is Olly, protagonist at the last Sanremo Festival, who curates his videos in an obsessive and futuristic way, sometimes even opting for a vertical cut more suited to social diffusion. The first evening of IMAGinACTIONthe International Music Video Festival which is the protagonist in Ferrara until Thursday 21st, has as its protagonists Mauro Repettothe jumping man of the duo who with Max Pezzali created the legend of 883and the frontman of Litfiba, Piero Pelù. On stage to stimulate them, prod them, push them to tell the story is the journalist Massimo Cotto. The debut night opens with Piero Pelù which starts from the values ​​of a good school “because we need information and not exorcism. They want the ignorant people because if they are not uncomfortable and we like to be uncomfortable.” The first video that appears is Heroes in the Winda song by Litfiba from 1985: “It is considered the first official, but to say how much I believe in music videos I had already produced three before, the first was Goddess of Fujiama. After the summer of 1989 the historic formation of Litfiba had disbanded and the video of Cangaceiro it was “the first video clip shot with a serious director: it’s the last with the whole lineup, I bring us the first gold record that I bring us from the Eighties to the Nineties”. There is a lot of travel in the history of Litfiba, from the United States to the Camargue: “As Wim Wenders and other directors teach us, on the road doesn’t have a plot.” Those years “proved to be an enjoyment of the present, because after those early Eighties in Florence there was no sequel. The Florentine artistic soul added by all those who came from outside, from Piervittorio Tondelli to Marta Graham for dance up to Gassmann’s Acting Workshop, there was no follow-up for the institutions which remained deaf to the fact that in the city there could be be a critical voice.” In hindsight it was a great fortune for Litfiba to leave Italy. It’s time for the first live moment: Piero Pelù lets himself be joined by Financing from the Bandabardò and they do I will be there. Remembering the moment of separation “which was not a happy moment at all, thanks to my label which reminded me of the signed contract, I went ahead and the first song written, as a soloist, was precisely I will be there. This gave me the opportunity to risk much more”. The second live song is Giant, which he presented at the Sanremo Festival: “When it arrived at the Ariston it was said that it had been written for my nephew. It fits but there was a more social project behind it, I talked about it with the then mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris and told him my idea of ​​doing something with the kids detained in juvenile prisons. At the beginning of 2018 I was in Naples to write a song with these guys. I also asked the operators to leave us alone. It’s a song of birth and rebirth.” Piero Pelù’s greeting with Finaz to the people of IMAGinACTION is with El Diablo. AND Moni Ovadiadirector of the Theater of Ferrara, to present him with the Special Awards plaque for his Artistic and Innovative Videoclips.

Mauro Repetto he makes himself a little desired, perhaps he is looking for whoever killed spider-man. Then he appears with the guitar and at the center of the theme is the book published by Mondadori (and created with Massimo Cotto) Because I didn’t kill Spider-Man. But also memories, because “you always have to be the protagonist of an unresolved equation, because you never kill Spider-Man: he was killed neither inside me nor inside Max”. The initial dream was more than Mauro who was the first singer: “I was no limit while Max rationalised. Then one afternoon after a documentary on Yellowstone we tried to reproduce that beauty and it was born In the night with its rhythm that takes you.” On stage he is accompanied by Marco Guarnerio and Celine Angelon for a crazy melting pot, one of those that alone is worth the evening; and then The King Guarnerio is a flywheel around which the music revolves, when Celine turns on her voice she makes the Este castle vibrate. After a few songs Repetto remembers when at school he wanted to attract Max Pezzali’s attention and the approach was: “Do you know someone from Genova Brignole”, without even a hello. Good news for the western-gypsy video of North South West East that he saw Stefano Salvatifather of IMAGinACTION, art director and was filmed in the Arizona desert. The videos recur as well as the memories and at the end of the medley Stefano Salvati arrives on stage and before handing over the plaque for North South West East he tells anecdotes and curiosities by quoting “that absolute genius that is Claudio Cecchetto”. Among the episodes shown there is one Angeline Jolie unknown to the castings of Joker Bluea film about the history of 883, released in 1998 and directed by Stefano Salvati.

And with a medley of 883 he ends his set and gives the stage to Olly, presented by Simone Zani. The very young Genoese artist explains that “everything I have done is genuine” and then, talking about the video clip of his song Lego, the first under the record label, explains that “I have always liked this universe; the first video that made me fall in love is California Girl by Katy Perry. Today I arrive in Ferrara after an extraordinary summer but I will never think that I made it, even after Sanremo, otherwise what will I do after my 22nd birthday? The real fear is in Sanremo Giovani because you know that if you don’t pass the selection the game is over. Then when I was inside I only thought about having fun: if I had given voice to my thoughts it would have been difficult. I have made myself aware of the room for growth I have. I had two pieces that I liked and the more orchestral one, which is Dust, I kept it if it went… and it went!”. Among the curiosities that emerge, the video of Luckily there’s the seathe 11 scenes reconstructed in one day to make an entire project and when he published the video of Everything with you where he artistically flirted with an eighty-year-old actress: “Many thought we were a couple and there were those who were indignant. She’s just an actress.” Before proposing some live songs, including the Sanremo one Dust, underlines that “the most beautiful thing is seeing people’s faces. I made music in my room for seven years and so seeing who sings it is a satisfaction.” The first evening of the International Music Video Festival closes with her smile and her poetry. Tonight we start again with the producer of Star Wars And Indiana Jones Robert Watts and then Diodato, Marco Masini And Fabio Rovazzi.