Imma miss you! Where to watch the latest episode and previews for the next season

Great ratings for the highly anticipated finale of Imma Tataranni 3: 4.8 million and a 27.6% share.

In the last episode of the third season entitled ‘the price of freedom’, the case involved a murder very different from the others: the victim was in fact the woman with whom Pietro cheated on his wife Imma.

The entire TV series has been a success, with a following of millions of viewers, who have not missed a single episode so far.

Yesterday’s one, however, was more special than the others and the ending was particularly moving.

What happened in the finale?

The Matera prosecutor finally decided to confront Calogiuri and the result led to a revelation that touched her deeply.

The Marshal has discovered that Cenzino is alive. The episode ended with the two abandoned in a passionate kiss.

If you missed it, you can catch up on the last episode or watch the entire series again on RaiPlay.

Imma Tataranni 4?

Filming of Imma Tataranni 4 could start at the beginning of 2024 and in this case further twists regarding ‘love triangles’ cannot be ruled out, but also on the character of Diana (Barbara Ronchi), best friend of the protagonist who will have a role increasingly relevant in the plot.