‘Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor’, the new season starting tonight on Rai1

The actress Vanessa Scalera: “I am grateful to her, she changed my life”. In the first episode there will be Gianni Morandi

‘Imma Tataranni Deputy Prosecutor’ returns to TV today, Monday 25 September, played by actress Vanessa Scalera. The new season is made up of four new episodes premiering on Rai1. This is the third season of the TV series set in the city of the Sassi which will be enhanced by the participation of Gianni Morandi, actor in the first episode entitled ‘Far from my eyes’. Accompanying the television narration are the notes composed by the musician Andrea Farri, a soundtrack co-edited and co-produced, as in previous seasons, by Rai Com and 9 Aprile, already available on music platforms.

Scalera: “I’m grateful to her, she changed my life”

Imma Tataranni changed my life for the better. She gave me the chance to achieve popularity, which I wasn’t used to, and to be an actress continuously and with more freedom. I am therefore forever grateful to Imma”, said the actress during the presentation of the series in Viale Mazzini, alluding to the fact that, through the character invented by the Matera writer Mariolina Venezia, she managed to achieve the success she pursued during the long years of apprenticeship.

“Now I can finally breathe a little more and give myself some gifts”, commented Scalera who also observed: “Things are changing little by little. I see young faces, especially women. We are opening up, there are more possibilities to talent emerge. We are tired of not making good people work and now I see powerful actors who have a voice: young, not so young, women in their forties. I don’t know if Imma Tataranni opened the doors to this change, but what happened to me It’s an important signal.” A signal that materialized in the fact that “a forty-two year old woman had the chance to be the protagonist in a popular series by entering Italian homes for three years and making herself known. I’m optimistic”.

Imma Tataranni, new season

Strengthened by a great response from the television audience, which in the first seasons followed the investigations, the family and heartfelt events of the protagonist, giving Rai “a 25% share”, “‘Imma Tataranni’ is a great series, the expectation is high starting from the fact that it is a series written very well by Mariolina Venezia who helps us tell the story together with the screenwriters”, highlighted the director of Rai Fiction Maria Pia Ammiratl underlining that “Imma is one of our most sought-after series and sold abroad”.

The result of a Rai Fiction, Ibc Movie and Rai Com co-production, ‘Imma Tataranni’ makes use of two directors, Francesco Amato and Kiko Rosati, and has an already marked future: in fact, the fourth season is scheduled, on which they are working the screenwriters. As for the composition of the cast, the winning team that accompanied the Scalera in previous editions remains unchanged. Massimiliano Gallo plays the role of her husband Pietro De Ruggeri. In the episodes Gallo stated, “there will be a lot of turbulence, I will box, I will enroll in a writing course for detective novels and I will meet a girl”.

Small previews which reveal a difficult relationship with the wife attracted by the carabiniere Ippazio Calogiuri (Alessio Lapice) working for the Lucanian Prosecutor’s Office headed by Alessandro Vitali, played by Carlo Buccirosso, who underlined “the strength of the minor characters who are very good”. Tataranni will once again be supported by her assistant and friend Diana De Santis (Barbara Ronchi) who will be personally involved in the investigations and as always in search of the love that will change her life.