Immediapress/Bravo Savings Network continues its growth trajectory with the acquisition of CheBuoni Srl

● The transaction just concluded finalizes the 100% acquisition of CheBuoni Srl, a primary operator in the field of online lead generation

● The acquisition marks a horizontal expansion, which will allow the group to expand its offering in the field of digital marketing

Bravo Savings Network, a Florentine company specializing in digital couponing and affiliate marketing – accelerates growth with the 100% acquisition of CheBuoni Srl, a leading Italian company in the field of online lead generation.

The acquisition significantly enriches the portfolio of Bravo Savings Network, already present in 13 markets with proprietary sites, allowing the integration of sophisticated know-how in terms of lead generation and a large user database, thus extending its offer and strengthening the leading position in digital marketing.

CheBuoni Srl, based in Bolzano, provides innovative marketing, promotion and advertising services with high technological value, achieved through the continuous development of multimedia communication tools, conveyed through the internet, and innovative algorithms. The company also deals with the creation and management of websites, portals and servers, the programming of software and applications, the acquisition and sale of user data (its own or third party social networks with consent), as well as the distribution of shopping vouchers. and discount coupons for commercial products and to provide online advertising services relating to discount coupons and commercial promotions.

By joining the Bravo Savings Network, Chebuoni Srl brings with it strategic know-how in lead generation and a vast proprietary user database.

The continuous growth of the Florentine group, one of the main international players in the affiliate and couponing sector but also a leader in Italy with the brand, was partly facilitated by the fund’s entry last year into the share capital of Bravo Savings Network Luxembourg-based Xenon Private Equity Small Cap (XSCF), which has become a solid financial partner with great M&A experience.

With an EBITDA of around 30% of turnover, Bravo Savings Network ranks among the successful coupon publishers and top international players. Now the main objective is to expand the group’s vertical offering in the affiliate world, and to double the operating results in the next 3 years. This will happen through the growth of Bravo Savings Network’s core business, but also through further strategic acquisitions that will allow the group to increase the offering base for its customers.

“This acquisition represents a significant milestone in our strategic expansion,” he says Marco Farnararo, CEO and co-founder of WeBravo Srl “By incorporating CheBuoni and its impressive user database, we enhance our offering to business partners, delivering on our promise of constant growth and innovation,” adds Marco.

Staff growth is another key aspect: “As we approach 100 employees today, we have plans for further hires, we are preparing for a new era of success. The acquisition will not lead to layoffs, but rather, the opening up of new professional opportunities for the staff of both companies.”

Claudio Veratti, CEO and co-founder of WeBravo Srlshared his vision on the long-term impact of the acquisition: “We have always aimed for excellence and innovation. With CheBuoni, we not only expand our business, but set new standards of quality and efficiency in serving our clients.”

Michele Legnaioli, co-founder of WeBravo Srlunderlined the importance of this move for the company’s future: “It’s not just about increasing our geographic presence, but about deepening our expertise in the digital marketing sector, breaking new ground and creating previously unexplored synergies.”

“We have big plans for the future in mind, we want to create a new and innovative business model for the entire market”.

The success of the operation which marked the first strategic acquisition of Bravo Savings Network was facilitated by Kt&Partners as financial advisor, Altman Solon for the business due diligence and Ernst & Young for the tax and legal part.

Bravo Savings Network is an all-Italian success story, created from scratch by young entrepreneurs. It was born in 2015 with the idea of ​​bringing to Italy, and subsequently to Europe, the best online offer of discount codes and promotions. Bravo Savings Network, through international partnerships with thousands of famous brands – including Nike, Expedia, Adidas, Sephora, begins to bring to Italy and subsequently to other international markets, a portal entirely dedicated to saving.

After the consolidation of the HQ in Florence and following strong growth in Italy, Bravo Savings Network launches proprietary sites in various European markets such as France, Germany, UK, the USA, Spain, Poland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2021 Bravo Savings Network also opens its second physical location, this time in the USA in order to achieve greater penetration of the American market. Expansion to Mexico, Switzerland and Austria arrives in 2022.

About Bravo Savings Network

Well done Savings Network, an international company specializing in Affiliate Marketing and founded in 2015 with the aim of helping consumers save on their purchases and promoting the best offers available online. Keeping pace with the rapid growth of online shopping, the company is currently active in 10 different countries in Europe, as well as the United States, Canada and Mexico. Bravo Savings Network has designed a user-friendly platform using the latest generation marketing techniques, with the help of a team with extensive experience in the field of offers.

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