Immediapress/The Grotto and Christmas – the rock at Christmas

The Magic of Christmas between staging and storytelling

GRAVINA TELLS ITSELF” once again did not disappoint. Sold out all dates. Participants from every province of Puglia and an important presence of visitors from various Italian regions, visiting Gravina in Puglia who took advantage of the initiative to discover a noble and folkloristic side of the city. Its most evocative ravines, the magic of the rock habitat during the Christmas period, and this year’s big news. A new tour entirely dedicated to the “Rupestre and Christmas”. A fascinating combination to tell for the first time a journey through history that leads directly to our ancient origins. A Christmas tradition declined and gutted to welcome and amaze. The Magic of Christmas lives on in the alleys between installations and narrations. An unpublished, and Christmas, fil rouge: life in the cave and rock architecture, the cave of the Christmas miracle and the cave of the common man in an interweaving of faith, peasant civilization and meanings in search of the nativity. Accompanied by an authorized guide, visitors will let themselves be involved in purely Christmas suggestions without neglecting the nature of our places. An anthropological tale celebrating Christmas. Sunday 18 December, Friday 6 Sunday 8 January will be “THE CAVE and CHRISTMAS – the rock at Christmas”. Participation is free but reservations are required. “GRAVINA SI TALK” is the project proposal relating to the 2022 Notice for the disbursement of contributions to the Pro Loco Tourist Associations, approved and eligible for funding by the Puglia Region. In the Events Calendar published on the website all the information about how to participate and register.

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