IMPACT: Daniela Aránguiz joins Las Indomables by Patricia Maldonado and Raquel Argandoña

Despite not being constantly on TV like a few years ago, and after being separated from the morning show “Mucho Gusto”, Patricia Maldonado He has managed to reinvent himself in the world of entertainment through YouTube with his program “Las Indomables”.

In addition, he has maintained his career in the theater with the café concert of the same name, which he shares with raquel argandoña. The incorporation of Daniela Aranguiz promises a new air to the show that is presented at Enjoy Santiago.

The confirmation of Daniela Aránguiz

It was the own Daniela Aranguiz who confirmed his participation in the program “Zona de Estrellas” of Zona Latina. The news did not take long to go viral, generating various opinions among the followers of the model and former television panelist.

Aránguiz, who has been in the public eye after her marital separation with Jorge Valdivia, was enthusiastic about her new work adventure on her social networks.

Patricia Maldonado announced the news on her Instagram account
Daniela Aránguiz confirmed the news in her Stories
Daniela Aránguiz confirmed the news in her Stories

Reactions on social networks

The news of the incorporation of Daniela Aránguiz to “Las Indomables” has generated various reactions on social networks. While some of her followers applaud her arrival on the program, others have expressed her discontent with negative comments towards the model and towards the café concert in general.

A netizen commented “Now Daniela is going to bill”while another person said “I think that Daniela represents many women who have been deceived by their husbands and also by the father of their children who is unaware that their children will be the target of ridicule.”

The controversy seems to be served around the new member of the show, which promises to be a success in terms of rating.

With the arrival of Daniela Aránguiz at the café concert “Las Indomables” by Patricia Maldonado and Raquel Argandoña, the model and former television panelist has generated various reactions on social networks, which add to the controversy surrounding the reinvented careers of the three media women.

On April 15 will be Aránguiz’s debut at Enjoy Santiago, where a great success is expected for “Las Indomables”.