Impgnatiello, the doubts of the investigators after the confession

Something still doesn’t add up in the version provided by the 30-year-old barman on the murder of Giulia Tramontano. Today the reliefs in the house in Senago where the couple lived

There is something that still does not return in the version provided to the investigators by Alessandro Impagnetiello, the 30-year-old barman in prison since last Thursday for the murder of his pregnant partner Giulia Tramontano. The man confessed to having killed Giulia, to having tried to burn her body twice, which he hid first in the garage and then in the car and finally, in the night between Tuesday and last Wednesday, thrown into a cavity in an area decommissioned. Nevertheless, when the body lay in his car – according to his reconstruction – the carabinieri who were investigating the disappearance of the 29-year-old they had not found any trace of it in the trunk of the T-Roc, clearly visible from the outside, as it had no cover.

The the luggage cover has now been seized and the investigation continuescoordinated by the adjunct Letizia Mannella and by the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo, also to understand if actually Impagnetiello – as he claims – acted alonefrom the moment of the murder until the one in which he threw the body of his partner.

Today at 12 the carabinieri of the SIS of the investigative unit will enter the apartment where the couple lived in via Novella, in Senago, to carry out surveys in the presence of the parties. To represent Impagnatiello, whose trusted lawyer Sebastiano Sartori renounced his mandate yesterday, a public defender was appointed, after many difficulties – according to what we learn – in finding one available. In the meantime, during the day that has just ended, the investigators listened again to all the victim’s family members and also the cleaner who had found ashes in the house in Senago, while they continue to search for Giulia’s phone, thrown – according to Impagnatiello – in a manhole.