Imprese, the GammaDonna Award to CEO Miriam Gualini

The ‘Iron Lady’ from Bergamo leads the company chosen by Renzo Piano for the new Ponte Morandi. The CEO: “We have had many awards but this is a personal victory”

It was the ‘Iron Lady’ from Bergamo Miriam Gualini, at the helm of the company chosen by Renzo Piano for the new Ponte Morandi, to win the GammaDonna Award, the recognition that since 2004 has rewarded innovative female entrepreneurship. Instead, the founder of Codemotion Chiara Russo wins the “Giuliana Bertin Communication Award”, while Valentina Arzilli – La Perla di Torino – wins the “Qvc Next Award” for innovative Made in Italy. “We have received several awards but – commented Miriam Gualini – I consider the GammaDonna Award a personal victory above all “. “Being an entrepreneur gives great satisfaction but – the CEO observed – you have to take into account that you need to work harder, think faster, be able to think what others don’t think”.

“Not to mention that I grew up with a father – and in a territory, the Bergamo one – characterized by the desire and the need to work, and by a strong spirit of sacrifice as a necessary condition for success” she added. “The fact that all 5 finalists are also mothers and that – continued Miriam – no one asked us how we managed to reconcile these two important dimensions, it is a silent and clear demonstration that it is possible not to have to give up any part of oneself “.

The winner of the 2020 edition was awarded a Master of the 24Ore Business School, an acceleration path lasting 3 months in PoliHub – Innovation park startup accelerator Politecnico Milano, an equity crowdfunding campaign on the BacktoWork portal, participation in ValoreD’s InTheBoardroom executive education program, dedicated communication activities by the agency Valentina Communication, creator of the GammaDonna Award.

“The transformation of the Prize into the first Italian television format dedicated to innovative female entrepreneurship – commented Valentina Parenti, president of GammaDonna – has allowed us

to reach the general public and offer the success stories of the finalists unprecedented visibility “.

Valentina Parenti also highlighted that “never before is there a need for an injection of confidence and positivity, and in this sense the partnership with Qvc Italia – the multi-channel shopping retailer who told the stories of ‘GammaDonna in a TV Special – is even more precious for us: thanks to teamwork, the need to solve the problem of distancing social has become a wonderful opportunity to get our message across to a much wider audience. ”

“We are very proud to be a partner of GammaDonna even in such a special year” said Paolo Penati, CEO of Qvc Italia. “Supporting young and female entrepreneurship is a concrete commitment for Qvc, which we try to pursue also with our corporate programs, first and foremost Qvc Next which facilitates access to the market for emerging talents and SMEs. The partnership with GammaDonna allows us to do more, to tell stories of entrepreneurs who – he stressed again – are making a difference and inspiring a new generation of Italian talent “.