Impressive! Roberta Morise is identical to her mother: her photo speaks for itself

If you haven’t done it yet, we invite you to discover the similarity of the beautiful Roberta Morise with her mother: to be left speechless!

He is about to participate in the new edition of The Island of the Famous and the public will be delighted since the beautiful Roberta Morise has been a beloved TV face for years. She comes from Cariati, in the province of Cosenza, she was born on March 13, 1986 and made her debut in the entertainment world through the competition of Miss Italy where, in 2004, he managed to conquer the fourth place in the final.

Impressive! Roberta Morise is practically identical to her mother: her photo speaks for itself (Credits: Instagram)

Given his aptitude for singing, after his experience in Salsomaggiore he has the opportunity to work as a chorister in the Rai1 program I recommended, conducted by Carlo Conti. Full success, however, comes with The legacyin the role of Professor.

Always with Carlo Conti he begins to lead The best years and subsequently is at the helm of Easy Driveralongside Veronica Cat. In 2018 he passes on Sky Arte where he takes part in You are in a wonderful country it’s at Your Factson Rai 2 together with Giancarlo Magalli where he remains until 2020.

Finally, tomorrow evening we will finally see her disembark on the wonderful beach of Cayo Cochinos, as a castaway of this 2022 edition of The Island of the Famous. In short, for almost twenty years Roberta Morise she is a beloved showgirl and certainly one of the most beautiful women on TV. Not everyone has seen his mumdo you know that they are two drops of water?

Roberta Morise is the portrait of her mother: look here!

Happily as a couple since January of last year with the young entrepreneur Giulio FratiniMorise has long been engaged in the past to Carlo Conti. Their story then ended due to the important age difference: “We had such an intense relationship between us, almost like a father and daughter, that the passion slowly faded away. It must have been the fault of the age difference … I left him and I suffered a lot, I was not able to recover and overcome the crisis “, the former Professor told the weekly Who.

Much followed on social media, the future castaway recently published a shot of hers mum really leaving everyone stunned: we assure you that it seems to see her! As beautiful as her daughter, same eyes as hers, same smile and same dark complexion.

Roberta Morise mother
Credits: Instagram

Crazy, right?