In 1986 he made us dream alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun: today he changed his life and looks like this

A true cult of cinema, the Top Gun film had two really excellent actors as protagonists: he was Tom Cruise, do you remember her?

35 years have passed, but Top Gun it has never ceased to excite. This film is associated with the fame of Tom Cruise, one of the most popular actors on the planet, but also that of Kelly McGillis, now 64 years old.

In 1986 he made us dream together with Tom Cruise in Top Gun: today he changed his life and looks like this (Youtube)

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The beautiful actress, who was not yet thirty at the time, played the role of Charlie Blackwood, the astrophysics teacher at the Top Gun course. Having met at an evening out at the officers’ club, an uncontrollable passion will break out between her and Maverick (Tom Cruise) that will lead to great love.

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Before achieving worldwide success with this Tony Scott-directed film, McGillis had made her debut three years earlier in the film. Reuben, Reuben by Robert Ellis Miller. Other notable characters in his career were the Amish widow in Witness – The witness (1985) and Beyond any risk (1989).

Now that so many years have passed, how has she become and what does the actress do?

She was the star of Top Gun: in recent years her life has taken a radical turn

After her success in the role of Charlie, McGillis continued acting: her last film was the thriller. Mother of all secrets 2017, directed by Lucinda Spurling.

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Already the mother of two daughters born from the second marriage to Fred Tillman, after the divorce in 2009 she declared her homosexuality. She decided not to participate in the Top Gun sequel: “I have a look that reflects my age and this is not what is required in Hollywood. But I prefer to know who I am, my priorities have changed, ”he said.

Top Gun
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And would you have recognized it?