In 2001 we met her in the first edition of Amici: the transformation leaves you speechless

Twenty years ago the first edition of the historic talent show Amici was on the air: she was one of the most loved protagonists, do you remember her?

From the autumn of 2001 and until the spring of 2002 another of those programs destined to change the history of TV was broadcast on Italia 1. We are talking about Friends, at the time called They will be famous, the first talent of Italian television. She, Marianna Scarci, was one of the absolute protagonists.

In 2001 we met her in the first edition of Amici: transformation leaves you speechless (Youtube)

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Unforgettable faces were part of that adventure even today as the winner Dennis Fantina (fresh from the last edition of Tale and Which Show), Valeria Monetti, Antonio Baldes, Andrea Cardillo, etc. You will also remember that in that first ‘experiment’ of the program which later proved to be an incredible success, the students had to try their hand at all disciplines: singing, dancing, acting, etc. and not only in its own.

As we said, one of the most successful paths was that of Marianna Scarci, 19-year-old dancer at the time who took second place in the final.

Blonde, curly and sunny, after the experience with Amici she made some appearances on TV and posed for some photo shoots and then definitively left the world of entertainment.

Marianna Scarci today: the new life of the former dancer of the first edition of Amici

As you can see from her Instagram profile still very popular today, the beautiful dancer she changed her look many times during these twenty years.

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After trying to dye her hair with various colors, in the end she returned to blonde as we met her in the most famous school in Italy. She still boasts an amazing physical shape despite having become a mother twice: her daughters, Mia and Sophia, were born from the union with her partner Mirko.

Today Marianna dedicates herself to being a full-time mother and is quite active on social networks where the most loyal fans continue to follow her after two decades from Amici.

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Friends first edition
Photo source: Instagram

Seeing what a splendid physique? Scarci has remained as beautiful as it was then, indeed over time it has acquired even more charm!