In 2018 he won the Big Brother 15, remember Alberto Mezzetti? How it is and what it does today

Three and a half years ago he managed to beat the other competitors of Big Brother 15, but what became of Alberto Mezzetti?

It was nicknamed the “Tarzan of Viterbo” for long hair and a handsome physique and participated in the fifteenth edition of Big Brother in its Nip version, conducted in 2018 by Barbara D’Urso.

In 2018 he won the Big Brother 15, do you remember Alberto Mezzetti? How it is and what it does today (Instagram)

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At that time Alberto Mezzetti, 34, ran a betting center and, thanks to his way of doing things and his charm, he managed to win over the public who rewarded him allowing him to triumph as winner of the shortest edition of the entire history of reality TV.

The GF 15 it aired in fact from April 17 to June 4 2018, only 49 days. However, he received a great success in terms of ratings and still today, after three and a half years, Mezzetti is remembered by many fans and boasts 286 thousand followers on Instagram.

Disappeared for a long time now, what does he do and how has he changed over the years?

Alberto Mezzetti after Big Brother 15: here it is today, it seems impossible

Not everyone knows that, after having won the victory with the consequent prize of 100,000 euros, the following year Alberto took part in another reality show abroad.

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It was in fact among the competitors of the Brazilian Big Brother of 2019. In fact, it seems that her beauty was much appreciated in Rio de Janeiro, where on the official page of the program her entry into the game was announced with great fanfare.

Furthermore, with the money he won from the Italian GF he founded a charity association for young people in difficulty, the Tarzan Help. Today Alberto also continues to pose for services of fashion and, from one of the most recent photos published on his Instagram profile, we can see that in fact he hasn’t changed aesthetically at all.

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Big Brother 15
Photo source: Instagram

Today Alberto shows himself like this: amazing how he remained practically unscathed over time, right?