In 2021, record EIB investments in Italy amounted to 13.5 billion

Vice-president Vigliotti: “We want to accompany the recovery, both strategic and sustainable,”

In 2021, the EIB Group, consisting of the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund, signed 122 transactions in Italy for a total value of 13.5 billion euros, with an increase of 13.5% compared to the results of the 2020. Italy benefited from 15.6% of the Group’s total activity in 2021. It is estimated that this activity will contribute to activating investments of over 76.3 billion euros in the real economy, an increase of 135% compared to the previous year, the equivalent of 4.3% of the Italian GDP. And what emerged during the presentation of the results of the Group’s activities in Italy in 2021.

Of the 13.5 billion invested in Italy by the Bei Group in 2021, 9.9 billion were loans and 4 billion in equity and guarantees. The pandemic confirmed the need to support SMEs, which represent a substantial part of the productive fabric and employment levels in Italy. Last year, 51% of the activities of the Bei Group in Italy, equal to 6.86 billion, was in favor of the liquidity needs of over 47 thousand companies, for a total of over 561 thousand jobs supported.

“Italy is one of the main markets of the EIB, on which we want to stay to accompany the recovery at the top”, said the vice president of the European Investment Bank, Gelsomina Vigliotti. To those who asked her if 2022 can be expected similar volumes, Vigliotti replied: “Our goal is that. It is difficult to say at the beginning of the year, however we want to confirm the presence of the BEI in Italy as an important financing actor”.

“The challenge facing the European Union as a whole and Italy in particular is to support a strategic and sustainable recovery”, added the vice-president Bei, warning that “the recovery risks being asymmetrical, with not all Countries and not all regions that grow the same way. And above all it risks leaving scars. It must be avoided “.