In Amici’s school like this, but in this photo it is very different: you will have a hard time recognizing it

In Amici’s school she presented herself in this way, but seeing her in this photo will make a certain effect on you: she is different, here she is as she shows herself.

After witnessing the victory of Luigi Strangis and the incredible success of the young singer, the public of Amici could not wait for the twenty-second edition of the talent to begin. Finally the long-awaited moment has arrived: on Sunday 18 September the first episode was broadcast, which started the dances.

Asia Friends. Credits: Mediaset Play

To have obtained a bench in the Amici 22 school was not only a well-known face of the talent, which everyone loves, but also many other very young talents. There are 19 competitors who, divided between singers and dancers, are ready to give their audience unique and inimitable emotions.

The first talent to have obtained the blue jersey and to sit in the school desks was her: the young Asia! “You excited me at the casting and you did it again today”, Raimondo Todaro told her as soon as the performance was over. If on the one hand, however, Asia has broken through the heart of the master because of her talent, we are sure that she will be able to do so in all of you when you see this photo completely unprecedented.

In this photo Asia is almost unrecognizable: as she is outside Amici’s school

The story of Asia has particularly struck everyone. As told shortly before her performance in Amici’s school, it would seem that the young woman has always had a passion for dance, but that she has not been able to study it professionally. Only for a few years, in fact, the dancer had the opportunity to follow regular dance runs. When she then she had to give up chasing after her passion, she Asia started studying dance on Youtube, learning everything she knows now as a self-taught.

Looking forward to find out what will happen to Asia in the school of Friends, we went to comb through her Instagram channel a bit and we tracked down some shots that show her in everyday life. In the TV studio, the young ballerina showed up with super curly short hair, but you’ve never seen her in this one photo of the summer? It’s totally different respect now:

school friends photo
Asia on Instagram. Credits: Instagram

Always beautiful, Asia has chosen to change her look this summer by having braids applied. For us she is beautiful, but would you ever recognize her?

Bad blow for Asia a few days from the start

Her adventure in the talent of Maria De Filippi began a few days ago, yet Asia has already received a bad blow. During the daytime that aired Wednesday 21 September, the dancer learned the grades that the three dance teachers gave her at the time of her performance in the studio. Raimondo Todaro, who gave her a good eight, gave her a good mark, as it should be for her. Alessandra Celentano and Emanuel Lo, on the other hand, confirmed their thinking. The ballet teacher gave her a 0 while the hip-hop teacher gave her a five.

asia friends 22
Asia to Amici 22. Credits: Mediaset Play

Do you think Asia will be able to change her professors’ minds?