In Antarctica, ultracyclist Di Felice races against time

He must reach the Thiels Corner base by tomorrow

Race against time for the Roman ultracyclist Omar Di Felice, who has been busy crossing the Antarctic with the South Pole as his goal for a month and a half: he has to travel 35 km to reach Thiels Corner, the only point where planes flying back and forth from the Pole South have the possibility to stop for supplies, for “security reasons”. It is not yet clear what it is about but the agency that supervises Antarctic expeditions has given the aut aut to Di Felice, who in recent days has had to face intense snowfalls due to a rise in temperature, making the route even less practicable already at its extreme, especially on a bike with a sled towed. In an audio message on his social media, Di Felice explains that he must travel 35 km by tomorrow morning, otherwise the whole adventure will be missed. From there, if he manages to arrive in the time required by the Antarctic agency, he will be transferred by plane to the Leverett glacier and then reach the Pole under his own steam.

“After having traveled 680.5 km (official GPS data) in 46 days and despite missing just over 400 km from the South Pole, the ALE (Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions) agency asked Omar to return to Thiels Corner. Unfortunately, the route he is facing and the following one towards the Pole will be in increasingly worse conditions and it is, therefore, impossible as well as risky to reach the Pole before the end of the season”, the ultracyclist’s Italian staff said in a note.

“Omar is on the return route to Thiels and two options are open to him. If he manages to arrive by tomorrow morning, January 6, he will still be able to make the last part of the Leverett Glacier, concluding the adventure at the South Pole. If, however, he arrives after that date he will have to finish the same at the intermediate point towards the Pole. He is currently engaged in a challenging non-stop ride to try to get to Thiels within the established time. He has a few hours to get there and has already covered almost half the distance. Updates will follow. In the meantime, it is always possible to follow the adventure live on the social channels @omardifelice”.