In bookstore ‘Hooligan. The last word’, the whole truth about the life of Carlton Leach

“Hooligan. The last word”, the latest publication by Altaforte Edizioni (240 pp.; 20.00 euros), tells the story of Carlton Leach, one of the faces on the steps of West Ham and “the human story of a man who divided his life where finance, politics, entertainment, football and crime touch each other without ever meeting, even though they always meet”.

“Born in Canning Town, in the East End of London, in 1959, Carlton Leach has followed the events of West Ham since he was a child – reads a note from Altaforte – A passion that has grown dramatically over the years, which has led to join the Inter City Firm, becoming one of its most important souls.From his childhood made up of a desire for redemption, veiled in garnet and blue, to the security tour in the clubs, to the adventures in the most murky meanders of human experiences, up to the his relationship with the Italian ultras world. A look into his private life, more intimate and hidden, an autobiographical story where the voices of those who stood by him day after day also find space: relatives, friends, colleagues and brothers. ‘Hooligan. The last word is a novel where there are no sentence discounts, because, in life as in the stadium, the only thing that matters is singing louder”.