In Daydreamer Ceyda is a business woman: this is how the actress is today, would you have ever thought that?

She played in Daydreamer Ceyda, but have you seen what the actress is like today? Seeing it will leave you speechless.

Daydreamer is a Turkish soap opera broadcast in Turkey from 2018 to 2019 while in Italy we got to see it on channel 5 from June 2020 to May 2021. The story revolves around Sanem, a young woman from a humble district of Istanbul who dreams of becoming a writer.

She played Ceyda in Daydreamer: this is how the actress is today (Credits: youtube)

He starts working in a large advertising company, Fikri Harika, where his sister Leyla e here he meets Can Divit, the owner together with his brother Emre. Something snaps between the two and they fall in love with her, but she is very elusive due to a lie she found herself in because of Emre. Can is a very popular photographer and has many suitors. Ceyda is one of those characters who tries to get close to the man and get him away from Sanem without succeeding. The soap opera ended a year ago, so, we wonder, after so many months, how is the actress who played her today?

It was Ceyda in Daydreamer: how the actress is today

Ceyda is a character we met in Daydreamer-The Wings of the Dreamfamous soap opera he has seen protagonists Can and Sanem. Their love is troubled by lies and lies and by third parties who try in every way to drive them away.

Even Ceyda with her passionate attitude, the talent she manifests and the beauty that she certainly does not lack, tries to conquer the photographer and therefore to distance him from Sanem. She is a business woman and she meets Can first to undertake work together. This character, however, was not present from start to finish, but we got to follow her ‘story’ in some episodes. It’s been a year since we’ve seen the soap opera, Will the actress who played Ceyda have undergone any changes?

Gamze Topuz today
Credits: instagram

This is a fairly recent shot from Gamze Topuz. She’s the one who brought this beautiful business woman to the stage. And she is beautiful she is the actress she always is, even off the set, indeed she looks much younger, would you ever have thought that? We think so! Looking at the photo we do not find any particular changes, she too in real life she has curly hair. She catches the eye the color, much brighter and red and today they are even longer.