In Daydreamer she played the model Arzu: do you recognize the actress off the set?

Remember Arzu in Daydreamer? We saw her in a few episodes, at the beginning and at the end of the series: this is how the actress is today.

The soap opera Daydreamer-The wings of the dream ended last year. In Italy but also in all the countries where it was broadcast it had an incredible response from viewers. The love story between Can and Sanem is the central theme of the series but the other ties and other stories have also caught attention.

Daydreamer, Arzu today (credits: youtube)

When he leaves we see that Sanem is being courted by Muzzafer. The latter makes her the marriage proposal but she refuses. Her parents invite her to accept or find a serious job. Her sister Leyla helps her, and it is thanks to her that she enters her own company to work. Shortly after, the anniversary of the activity falls and a great event is organized for the occasion, in which Can, the owner’s son, also participates. It happens that in a dark room, at the theater, he kisses Sanem believing she was her girlfriend. Since then, the young writer has been thinking about that kiss, giving her face a name, Albatros. The same happens for the photographer who continues to think about what happened.

In the first episodes we see that due to a series of inconveniences the two find themselves spending time together, and here is also the arrival of a new character, Arzu. In the series she is the former model of the company. Beautiful and elegant, that’s how she came to be, but have you seen how she is the actress who played her off the set?

Daydreamer, do you remember Arzu? How is the actress today off the set of the series

Many characters have been part of Daydreamer. The Turkish series ended in May 2021 with one last beautiful episode. Eventually Can and Sanem manage to connect, after having faced difficulties, obstacles, many lies and lies.

In the beginning, in the first few episodes there is the arrival of a character that we will not see later on. In fact, she appeared in very few episodes, at the beginning and at the end. We are talking about Arzu, the former model of the advertising company called for projects together. The young woman arrived showing all the beauty of her, hard not to notice. Beautiful and elegant, she tried to approach the photographer without success. Arzu is not a central character but the actress who played her was able to perfectly stage her role. More than a year after she last appeared on the series, have you seen what she is like off the set?

arzu daydreamer
Daydreamer, actress today (credits: instagram)

This is a social shot by Ayse Akin, the interpreter of the model in the series. Away from the role of the character portrayed, she appears very different, she has a different hairstyle in this image, softer and more moved, while in Daydreamer we saw her with a smooth hair. Many will remember her too because Ayse was part of the cast of Love is in the air, where she played Deniz.