In Elisa di Rivombrosa 2 he made the audience dream: it was 2005, did you see how it is today?

Sixteen years ago he made viewers fall in love in the role of Captain Christian Gray in Elisa di Rivombrosa 2: how is she and what does she do today?

After the incredible success of Elisa di Rivombrosa, Vittoria Puccini was also the protagonist of the second season of the series: alongside her, instead of Alessandro Preziosi, there was the beautiful Canadian actor Antonio Cupo.

In Elisa di Rivombrosa 2 he made the audience fall in love: it was 2005, have you seen how it is today? (Youtube)

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The son of Italian immigrants, Cupo was born in Vancouver January 10, 1978. Graduated in English Literature at the University of British Columbia, he cultivated various artistic passions between America and Italy.

In addition to the profession of actor for the theater, cinema and TV, he also dedicated himself to music becoming the lead voice of the group Hybrid Cartel. Before arriving in 2005 on the set of Elisa di Rivombrosa 2, had starred in the US in the film Lizzie McGuire – From high school to pop star and in the miniseries Taken produced by Steven Spielberg.

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In Italy he obtains success with the role of captain Christian grey, which will win the heart of the beautiful Elisa after the death of Count Fabrizio Ristori. Other roles in films, sitcoms and musicals follow for him. Moreover, Antonio Cupo participated in 2006 in the third edition of dancing with the Stars as a competitor.

For some years it has not appeared on our screens, we discover what happened to it and if a lot has changed since the time of Elisa di Rivombrosa 2.

He was the protagonist of Elisa di Rivombrosa 2: after sixteen years Antonio Cupo still amazes

Although it was difficult for the public to accept the departure of the character of Fabrizio Ristori in the second season of the series, it must be recognized that Cupo managed with his extraordinary beauty to win a place in the hearts of viewers.

In recent years Antonio has continued to act in both Italian and American films and TV series, among which we mention Anita B. And Blood & Treasure. On his profile Instagram we can see how he hasn’t changed much compared to when we met him in Italy.

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Elisa di Rivombrosa 2
Photo source: Instagram

Let’s face it: its beauty is not affected at all by the passing of the years!