In England, the future of gambling lies in the hands of Liz Truss

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There has been a change at the top of the UK government. Following the resignation of Boris Johnson, and the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Liz Truss took over the reins of the country. The new prime minister has a lot of work to do and has already stated that one of his goals is the country’s economic reform. This could also include the gambling law reform, the so-called Gambling Act, which has been on the table of ministers for several years now.

Already during the Tony Blair era (2005) the conservative party had promised to reform the document that governed the gaming sector. This was even part of Blair’s re-election manifesto. Successive conservative governments shelved this reform until Boris Johnson took office. In 2020, according to The Guardian, Johnson wanted to make radical changes to the gambling industry, and with the appointment of Nigel Huddleston as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, work was underway on a white paper on the subject. One of the controversial areas for the industry has been the call by activists to ban free bets and VIP programs. According to some unconfirmed sources, the white paper would not ban free bets entirely, but rather targeting free bets and other bonuses based on customer spending or losses.

Unfortunately, the political turmoil of Brexit and Covid and the subsequent resignation of Johnson have definitively stalled the publication of the document.

According to the experts from Miglioricasinoitalia “the delay is good news for the gaming industry, at least for now. However, what happens after Truss’s election could paint a completely different picture. In England the betting industry is an important job generator, just think of the giants like Bet365 and the hundreds of jobs they have created in the West Midlands in the tech and finance sectors.Traditionally these jobs are concentrated in the London capital. or in the big cities in the south. “

The reform would serve to combat gambling addiction and other social problems associated with gambling, but it is not yet clear whether this is one of Truss’s priorities. With the arrival of the prime minister there have also been new changes within the Cabinet for the Betting and Gaming Council. Starting from last week there will be Michelle Donelan who will replace Huddleston. It is not yet clear what kind of direction the Donelan intends to take but it is clear that the Truss government wants to do everything to bring money into the state coffers. In her inauguration speech, the PM reiterated that she will respond to the energy crisis and the increase in energy bills. With inflation at 8% and energy prices continuing to rise, the review of gambling reforms is likely to take a back seat to more pressing economic issues.