In front of the mirror, China Suárez fell in love with everyone in a tight body

China Suárez stands out in many areas such as acting, modeling and music as well. She recently released her single “unanniversary” It already has more than a million views.

Eugenia A few hours ago, she turned on her Instagram stories wearing a black lace bodysuit in front of her mirror that she had first uploaded to her Tik Tok account @sangrejaponesita, in which a few minutes after being posted it already had thousands of views and comments praising her, she is currently only listed on her Insta story.

yesterday the China was invited to the Migue Granados program “I dreamed that I was flying to which she was seen very comfortable and commented on the work of her new music. This recent release is her first since her split with singer Rusher King. She commented that this single talks about those anniversaries that could not be “Sometimes it is not a person who breaks your heart, it is the frustration of something that could not be “I comment Suarez.

The musical material has been very well accepted by the public and has been reflected on the different platforms, which for the interpreter has been to her liking, such recognition and support from the fans of Eugenia.

China Suárez in her music video “Desaniversario”. Source YouTube @LaChinaMusica

But not everything is rosy because when she retired from the studios of the streaming channel “Olga” she ended up being the protagonist of a car accident that she caused herself in the truck she was driving at that time. It is that she would have wanted to avoid the press since there were different media, photographers and journalists who were waiting for her outside and when leaving the building the China rams the rear of a parked car.