In front of the mirror, Diana Bolocco shook the net in a bathing suit

since four months Diana Bolocco Mucho Gusto did not appear in the morning. At the beginning of October, Karen Doggenweiler arrived at Bethia’s signal and talk began about the resignation of Bethia’s sister. Cecilia Bolocco, although there was nothing confirmed. Finally on December 9, the channel announced its departure.

Diana He has been with us since 2019 and during this period, his talent, charisma and versatility allowed him to be an important contribution in the different projects in which he participated, such as the morning show Mucho Gusto, the reality show Resistiré, the talent show El Retador and the contest for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, the statement began.

And he continued: “We hope that Diana take the best personal and professional memories from Megamedia, and we wish you the best of success in the future challenges you decide to undertake”. But it was not the only one. In addition to DianaMillaray Viera also left Chilevisión and the rumor of the arrival of both to TVN began to spread.

Diana Bolocco. Source: Instagram @dianaboloccof

In the last hours, the Director of Programming of the “channel of all”, Roberto Cisternas broke the silence on the subject with the Fotech portal: “There are fed up rumors from all sides. The truth makes me quite laugh how they are put together, but there is nothing real about that. I have known Millaray since she worked at Chilevisión.” However, he confessed that he has not talked about the subject with any of them.

Diana Bolocco in a bathing suit. Source: Instagram @dianaboloccof

For her part, the sister of Cecilia Bolocco He published in his Instagram stories one of the swimsuits from his collection, which is impeccable at 45 years old. It is a two-piece lurex bikini in black. It has straps that cross the abdomen and make it even more interesting. Undoubtedly the figure of the driver is one of the most privileged.