In front of the mirror, with these photos Thalía showed off her steel waist on Instagram at the age of 51

Thaliathe Mexican singer famous for her soap operas and her voice, surprised her more than 20 million Instagram followers with a post showing off her spectacular figure.

The 51-year-old artist posed in front of the mirror in a black top that exposed her abdomen and tiny waist, which triggered a series of compliments from her followers.

Thalía has always been known for staying in shape and for her wasp waist, which has been the subject of rumors for years that she removed ribs to make it look smaller. However, the singer has joked about these rumors and has made it clear that her figure is due to her healthy lifestyle and her exercise routines monitored by a personal trainer.

In the Instagram post, the Mexican wrote “Feeling happy. Feeling comfortable in my skin”which reflects his positive attitude and the importance he places on taking care of his physical and mental well-being.

Thalia posing in front of the mirror in selfie mode showing her waist

In addition, Thalía showed that you can look radiant and fit at any age, regardless of the barriers that society may impose.

Thalía is the owner of an enviable beauty, but what falls in love with her the most is her sympathy, her positive attitude towards life and the desire she has for everything.

The singer made it clear that she is still a queen of Latin Pop and has shown that, with her work and talent, she continues to be a benchmark and an inspiration for her fans.