In Germany, record of infections: over 100 thousand deaths

Germany has passed the dramatic threshold of 100,000 dead for Covid, also recording new records in daily infections and weekly incidence. According to data from the Robert Koch Institute published this morning, deaths related to the coronavirus were 100,119. The number of new infections has exceeded the threshold of 70 thousand cases per day for the first time, with 75,961 new infections within 24 hours. Last week’s figure was 65,371 new cases.

The incidence over the last seven days is 419.7 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, a new record since the start of the pandemic. The figure recorded yesterday was 404.5 cases, while seven days ago it was 336.9. cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Nationally they have been registered 351 new deaths within 24 hours, compared to 264 seven days ago.