In ‘I was romantic’ Arisa’s path of freedom between flesh, spirit and love

A path of freedom in music with a voice capable of being recognized, but also of still surprising. As always true, direct and more courageous than ever in bringing to light every inner facet also through an eroticism with which he definitively frees himself from any possible label. She is Arisa. Not definable, except through chromatic scales where the soul meets the body of this artist who rediscovers herself by embracing the world, where the choice to love in the round resonates in every piece, in the voice that gives itself completely and does not hide. nothing, melancholy, sensuality, humanity, will to live, the pursuit of pleasure, spirituality, claiming the right to be herself. And his album ‘I was Romantic’, to be released on November 26, marks this freedom of being different sounds, colors, different needs. The freedom to be many ‘Arisa’ and only one, through 11 songs in which she modulates her voice, much more than in the past, fluctuating on the frequencies of feelings to which each song gives voice.

‘Maddalena’, a symbolic piece of the record, “speaks of one of the greatest misunderstandings in history regarding the female gender – Arisa tells Adnkronos – She was the woman closest to Jesus, the one who also supported him economically. It is known that she was a rich and that she had left her family to follow him. A free woman and for this reason badly seen, destined, according to the religious men of the time, to suffer in hell because she was considered a sinner. A metaphor, therefore, ‘Magdalene’ to describe all the misunderstanding that there was towards the female gender at the dawn of history and then later when men, out of fear, put it at a disadvantage. something extra”.

Author of some songs along with others such as Giuseppe Anastasi, who returns to collaborate with the Lucanian artist after having signed some of his hits, Arisa is the absolute “director” of this album which she herself publishes with her own independent label, Pipshow – under exclusive license to Believe Artist Services. An album that collects, therefore, many novelties, passing from melancholy and dreamy love ballads to joyful 90s dance rhythms up to unpublished rap phrases with which Arisa moves with absolute nonchalance. A versatility that brings to light a hidden side: “I’ve always done research, I like to research myself in different styles, see how I feel. It’s like when I change my look and dress. I’m a person who loves to live, loves to change and loves to deepen. I’m curious and I try to spend my time doing beautiful things for myself and for others. I do not distance styles. I am not a person who turns up his nose because he is not. I try to be, always “.

Change, therefore, is one of the keywords of this artist and of the upcoming album. And among the changes there is also the protagonism of her sensuality which has entered the scene in a disruptive way, especially since she accepted the challenge of ‘B.
allando with the Stars‘, the program by Milly Carlucci broadcast on Rai1: “It is helping me tremendously the dance experience. Being in contact with this other human race, which are the dancers, which are flowers, always ready to share of one’s body, of one’s sensuality, I’m really enjoying my emotions. And then at my age, 40, you have to get a move on, look at yourself and figure out what’s wrong and also discover your own cards, everyone has their own. And ‘Dancing with the stars’, also in this regard, I recommend it to everyone ”.

What is the figure of this new album for Arisa? “This record is the sum of many aspects of a single person. Us we love to catalog ourselves, give and give ourselves labels, but labels do not exist because each of us is everything. We are part of the whole, but we are also the whole. It is not certain that a romantic person cannot also be strongly erotic and an erotic person cannot have wisdom and a sense of motherhood. I wanted to express my different facets and I think this belongs to everyone. There is the moment in which you like to love, the moment in which you like to enjoy, the moment in which you like to be closer to the human race, wiser ”.

In the experience of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, of which Arisa has proposed some reflections in terms of friendships off the small screen in the Instagram stories, the Lucanian singer has given the opportunity to better contact her authenticity and her heart, even in the relationship with other women: “In my opinion women are looking for affection and confirmation. If you are honest, the woman even if she is skeptical at first, then she believes you and opens up.. I am very proactive in this sense. We are all looking for love, so when I see a person who has an attitude of mistrust, I try to give her confirmation, I don’t close myself. I’m always the one taking the first step. “And is love in Arisa’s life right now?” Me I’m always in love with someone. And beyond things go well, this makes me live in a condition of grace “.

‘I was Romantica’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Agua de Coco’, ‘Swings’, ‘Maddalena’, ‘Werewolf’, ‘Heart’, ‘The house of possible love’, ‘Nettle’, ‘You could have done more’ and ‘Noah’s Ark’ make up the tracklist of the album produced by Jason Rooney with the co-production by Giuseppe Barbera in ‘Werewolf’, ‘Heart’, ‘The house of possible love’, ‘Noah’s Ark’, all songs written by Anastasi, while ‘Psycho’ and ‘Swings’ were produced by Danusk. ‘Maddalena’ sees the production of both Danusk and Jason Rooney and ‘Could you do more’ (written by Gigi D’Alessio and performed at the Sanremo 2021 Festival) was produced by Adriano Pennino.

An album, says Arisa, behind which “there are waits of years and years because I have always had the difficulty of making others understand that I am not just one thing“.

Meanwhile, ‘Dancing with the stars’ continues and the disc will be released the day before the next episode on Rai1. The thought thus goes to Mietta: “It was a great loss to the program. She is a great friend and a really nice person. Certainly, however, ‘Dancing with the stars’ is a competition and who first, who later, we will all go away. There will, however, be a repechage and I hope Mietta will be among the people rescued “.

(by Veronica Marino)