In Il Collegio we see it like this, have you seen the professor out of the reality show? The ‘detail’ does not escape

In Il Collegio we see it like this, but have you ever seen the professor outside the format? The ‘detail’ does not escape.

The new edition of Il Collegio started a few weeks ago. It is giving us unexpected twists, with already an abandonment and several expulsions. In fact, in these first episodes, we saw the release of Sveva Accorrà, who chose to go away at the very first episode, and of Gaia Cascino.

In Il Collegio, we see the professor as he is out of reality (source: rai play)

Then there was the expulsion of Davide Maroni and, last time, of Simone Casadei. This year, the class of 21 college students met in 1977. We know that, in each edition, the historical setting changes. The dean of Il Collegio is Paolo Bosisio. Many professors are the same as in previous years, others only joined the team this year. Andrea Maggi is the professor of Italian and of civic education. In reality we see it like this, but how is it out of the program?

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We see it like this in Il Collegio: as the professor is outside the reality show, the ‘detail’ does not escape

This new edition of The College transported the students in 1977. While the historical setting changes every year, the location is always the same, the Collegio Regina Margherita in Anagni, in the province of Frosinone.

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Paolo Bosisio plays the role of principal. In reality, Bosisio is an actor and university professor of ‘History of theater and entertainment’ in the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Milan. In the teaching staff, many professors have been reconfirmed, others are new entries. Even this year, Andrea Maggi is present. In the format, we see it with a look adapted to that period, but how is the professor out of the reality show?

Andrea Maggi
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Looking at the shot, Maggi looks different. The detail that is impossible not to notice is the mustache, which he does not have, and the glasses. In Il Collegio, he teaches Italian and civic education, but is also a professor in life. The teacher is also an author of important novels.