In Il Segreto it’s Camilla: now off the set you won’t recognize the actress

She played Camilla in Il Segreto: how the actress is today after a few years.

Il Segreto is a Spanish soap opera that has had great success in Italy but also in all the countries where it has been broadcast. The first season saw the love between Pepa and Tristan at the center of attention, love disturbed from the beginning. She is a midwife looking for her son Martin.

The secret, Camilla (credits: youtube)

He discovers that the child is in the Montenegro-Castro house. The man and Pepa fall in love but it is a story that seems almost impossible also due to the tensions that his mother brings. Donna Francisca does not want for anything in the world that her son, already married, be accompanied by a simple midwife. This story was the center of the first season but the attention of the viewers was also captured by other events and ties.

Each character had an important story behind it that intertwined with that of the others. Remember the young woman in the picture? In Il Segreto it is Camilla Valdesace. She arrives for the first time in Puente Viejo to meet her husband Hernando Dos Casa, he is married to him by proxy. She repeatedly tries to get close to the man but she is rejected until this relationship solidifies so much that they start behaving like husband and wife. Several years have passed since we last saw Camilla on stage as she was part of the soap opera until the ninth season: have you seen how the actress who played her is today?

The Secret, played Camilla: here is the completely different actress today

Many characters from The Secret only arrived in passing. Some were part of the story for a few seasons and some left the scene before the twelfth which marked the end of the soap opera. Do you remember Camilla Valdesace? We saw it from the seventh to the ninth season.

She arrived in Puente Viejo to meet her husband Hernando. She married him only by proxy. Here she begins to help a young girl named Beatriz without knowing that in reality she is the natural daughter of her husband. She repeatedly attempts an approach with the man receiving only a refusal. It will be time to unite them. In fact, at some point they will begin to behave like husband and wife and the difficulties that will come will not be able to separate them. Camilla is a character we have seen for three seasons. For several years the actress has not played the role of Hernando’s wife: iWill this time have changed?

camilla the secret
The Secret, actress (credits: instagram)

Here she is! This is a social shot by Yara Puebla, the interpreter of Camilla in The Secret. Would you have recognized it today? Yara has another type of style, she wears long hair with a different hairstyle and her makeup is also not the same. Looking at the two photos, however, one detail is evident to everyone, her beauty!