In Japan, television was born that can be licked and transmits flavors

The latest found on the technological front comes from Japan. A crazy, curious but also tasty innovation. Yes, because to close 2021 comes “Taste the TV” (Tttv), “Taste the TV” that is a television that must be licked to savor or taste what is shown and told.

The idea

“The goal – explains university professor Homei Miyashita – is to allow anyone to savor a dish of food that is on the other side of the world even while staying at home.” And in fact, the promotional video shows how it works of “three-sensory” television (taste, smell, touch) using gastronomy as a perfect example.

Possible uses

The Tttv could also be a valid tool to enrich restaurant menus with the aim of tasting the dishes before ordering them. An idea developed by Professor Miyashita almost entirely by himself in the last year, only to be perfected together with his team of 30 students. A project that could also be marketed with a cost – says Miyashita – of around 800 euros.