In Mare Fuori 2 she plays Paola Vinci: where we have already seen the actress

It’s Paola Vinci in Mare Fuori 2: do you remember where we have already seen the actress Carolina Crescentini?

The second season of Mare Fuori began a few weeks ago. The first season of Rai Due’s La fiction had a well-deserved success, and for this reason, the public can’t wait to find out the sequel.

Is it Paola Vinci in Mare out 2, where have we already seen the actress? (source rai play)

Now, the new episodes of Sea out they follow the evolution of the friendship between Philip and Carmine, after the former, to defend Carmine, killed Ciro. Of course, we will also be able to follow the stories of other inmates, with new entrants to the institute. Great attention is also paid to the work of the commander of the Penitentiary Police, Massimo Valenti and the director Paola Vinci. Well, let’s find out more about the actress who plays the character just mentioned, Paola. What do we know about Carolina Crescentini? Do you remember where we have already seen it?

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In Mare Fuori 2 is Paola Vinci: where we have already seen the beloved actress

Mare Fuori is a television series broadcast on Rai Due. On November 17, the first episode of the second season aired, after the first had an incredible success. There are twelve episodes and therefore, the fiction, should end on December 22nd.

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As mentioned, Paola Vinci she is the director of the Penitentiary Police Institute. But what do we know about Carolina Crescentini, interpreter of this character? Born in 1980, she is an Italian actress and model. Admitted to the Experimental Center of Cinematography, where she graduated in November 2006, she began her career as an actress with small roles in theater, cinema and television. But where have we already seen it?

Crescentini participated in the TV miniseries, channel 5, Carabinieri – Undercover. In 2006 he made his debut on the big screen in the film H2 I hate. Impossible to forget the actress in Night before exams – Today, where she played the role of the protagonist Azzurra, alongside Nicolas Vaporidis. With Vaporidis, he acted, again in the same year, in 2007, in Reinforced concrete. Act on the big screen in Tell me about love, The Demons Of St. Petersburg, Two Matches, Generation 1000, Today Married.

Carolina Crescentini
source rai play

On the small screen we also saw it in Team 6, Try it again prof !, I love you too much to tell you, The bastards of Pizzofalcone, and many other films. For less than a month, she has made it to the big screen again, in the film Lifetime.