In Palermo three days dedicated to the memory of gen. From the Church

In Palermo, three days dedicated to the books and memory of Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa. An initiative involving the London Book Club of Palermo, the Sant’Anna Institute and which will also pass through Vie dei Librai. It begins on Thursday 20 April, at 5 pm, at the church of San Giacomo dei Militari, inside the barracks of the Carabinieri Calatafimi-Dalla Church in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Here the book by Simona Dalla Chiesa will be presented: “Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, a father with frogs”, San Paolo editions. The author and the General of Division of the Carabinieri Rosario Castello will be present. The prosecutor of Marsala, Fernando Asaro, the head of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Civico of Palermo, Antonio Maiorana, will dialogue with the author. The event will also see the participation of the Book Club of the London Palermo. The event is accessed by invitation only. On the 21st at 11 it will be the turn of the little ones. Simona Dalla Chiesa will be a guest of the historic Istituto Sant’Anna, where the book “Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, the father of the Carabinieri”, by the journalist Maristella Panepinto, Navarra publisher, will be presented for the first time. It is an illustrated book for school-age children, the first text that tells the biographical story of the General to the little ones. Simona Dalla Chiesa oversaw the introduction and the prosecutor Asaro the preface. The idea of ​​presenting the book for the first time in a school comes from the memory of the many visits General Dalla Chiesa made to schools in Palermo. The children of the Sant’Anna Institute also took care of the illustrations for the book, while the cover was created by the very young high school student Gabriel Romano.

Saturday morning, at 11, in Piazza Bologni, the children’s book will be presented in the Vie dei Librai circuit, moderated by the journalist Adnkronos Elvira Terranova and with the author will be present the General of the Carabinieri Division Rosario Castello and the Prosecutor of Marsala, Fernando Asaro.