In “Renegade” he made a massacre of hearts aboard his motorcycle, then the drastic turning point: how it is and what it does today

Arrived in Italy in 1994, the American TV series “Renegade” is a true cult: how is the life of its protagonist after more than 20 years?

Among the many unforgettable TV series that aired in the 90s, “Renagade” it is certainly one of the most popular. In Italy, until 2000 he kept viewers glued to the TV who certainly did not forget his protagonist, the former policeman Reno Raines.

In the TV show “Renegade” he made a massacre of hearts aboard his motorcycle, then the drastic turning point: how it is and what it does today (Youtube)

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Throughout the series, Reno investigates corrupt agents under the false name of Vince Black: wrongly accused of murder, aboard his Harley-Davidson Softail Standard 1340, will face a thousand dangers and adventures accompanied by the memory of his killed girlfriend.

To play Reno, was the American actor and director Lorenzo Lamas (Lorenzo Lamas y de Santos in the registry office) who is now 63 years old. Many will remember him, from 2004 to 2007, in the cast of Beautiful in the role of Hector Ramirez, but the turning point that has been in his life in recent years is truly incredible.

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Remember the lead actor from “Renegade”? You would never guess what it does today

Son of art, athletic physique, and long brown hair, Lorenzo Lamas conquered the millions of viewers who followed his adventures on Italy 1. Appreciated by women evidently also in real life, he got married 5 times.

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Such a considerable number of marriages have caused him some financial trouble, but he continues to work as actor: Recent films he has appeared in include “Scorpion Girl Awakening: The Movie”, “Real Blood: The True Beginning” and “Bleach”.

No one would ever imagine, however, that in addition to devoting himself to acting, Lamas has become over the years helicopter pilot. In many photos of his very popular Instagram profile he shows himself engaged in this activity.

Photo source: Instagram

In this fairly recent photo we see it as it appears after more than two decades from the success of Renegade. Short hair and a grizzled goatee, but his physique stays in shape as long ago, do you agree?