In Rome as under the Eiffel tower, the classic dishes and the new entries at Le Carré Français

Imagine one evening at dinner in a restaurant a stone’s throw from the Tiber, eating as if under the Eiffel Tower or in front of the Breton sea. This and not only happens in Rome in the crossroads of French cuisine (and bakery as well as pastry shop) Le Carré Français. Which this year is putting in the pipeline some novelties of no small importance: from the midweek “fixed price” lunch to the weekend brunch, from the “new entries” of the winter menu to the proposal for the Christmas holidays of the bakery and pastry shop. Starting with the legendary “Galette des rois”, or Cake of the Kings, bought every year by 25 million French in the 34,000 bakeries beyond the Alps.

The brasserie with shop of made in France products in the Prati district of Rome, born in 2015 by the will of the Breton Jildaz Mahé, who since last year also boasts a chalet inspired by the huts beyond the Alps, is led in the kitchen by the creative Roman chef Letizia Tognelli just thirty years old. Le Carrè’s proposals, thanks to quality suppliers from across the border, include oysters, foie gras, butter, cheeses and other products to give a touch of authenticity. If the flours used for the breads of Le Carré, first and foremost the ever-present Baguettes, come from the Mulino di Chars, near Paris, the sweets are homemade in the French style every day in the internal laboratory, thanks to chef pâtissier Riviene Sabassier. Like the croissants, made every morning with Tourage quality butter, ideal for the most demanding palates.

These specialties and traditional dishes, today with the “fixed price” lunch formula and weekend brunch, are accessible to almost everyone: from Monday to Friday it is possible to have lunch with a fixed menu at a cost of 29 euros. The formula includes the inevitable bread with salted butter, a main dish of the day, a dessert and coffee (with water included). Instead, the now traditional brunch on Saturdays and Sundays is back at a cost of 35 euros, from 9 to 12. In the brasserie’s proposal, all handcrafted in-house, there is no shortage of the typical Breton buckwheat Galettes, the sweet Crêpes of the visible corner, the Selection of raw milk cheeses from French dairies, the Croque madame and the Croque monsieur, and of course the Quiches.

If Le Carré Français maintains the “Top 20” of traditional national cuisine of the cold season, such as the Oeuf parfait, the Escargots, the Boeuf bourguignon, the Tournedos Rossini, the Onion Soup and the Buckwheat Galettes, for the winter 2022-2023 there are some novelties created by chef Tognelli for both the Brasserie and the Chalet. The new courses are (among others) the new version of Magret de canard, Duck breast with black cabbage, chard and honey and cinnamon sauce; giant Atlantic scallops with Breton crispy salt and ratatuille; sea ​​bass with tapenade, pumpkin and lemongrass emulsion; Atlantic cod with stewed fennel and soubise. Instead, but only at the Chalet, the typical high-altitude winter proposals remain, from the Raclette grand cru Beillevaire to the Tartiflette, up to the Savoyard fondue, which have conquered the palates since last year at the tables of the new space inspired by a mountain hut French Alps.

The pastry and bakery proposal for the Christmas holidays arrives from Thursday 8 December until Sunday 8 January next, in the delicious display case reserved for Patîsserie and Boulangerie. Standing out among the festive breads is “Le Nordique aux abricots”, made with a Nordic flour and apricots, available for sale both by weight and in a single three kg format, as well as served at the table.

Among the Christmas-themed desserts, there is no shortage of the traditional “Buchettes from the Black Forest” log, in single-serving and gluten-free format, and the cake par excellence of the “Fête de Noël” in France, which, however, is traditional to buy for the Epiphany , the “Galette des rois”, or Cake of the Kings, which is eaten to decide who will be the King or Queen of the holidays. By purchasing it at Le Carré Français, you receive a golden cardboard crown which must be worn by the King or Queen who will find the “fève” (bean or sugared almond) in their slice. Finally, for a complete taste of small French pastries, designed for the “take away” formula or even as a gift for greedy palates, the restaurant offers “L’Apero di Natale”: a “Plateau” of 30 “petits fours” of sweets of 30 grams each, homemade and contained in an elegant box.