In Singapore the Italian military ship Francesco Morosini

Ambassador Mario Vattani: “With foresight, Italy has chosen to increase its presence in the Indo-Pacific area, now strategic in terms of geopolitical and economic importance”

Arrived in Singapore on May 1st, the very modern Italian ship Francesco Morosini, engaged in the Indo-Pacific and Far East Campaign, will stop at the Changi Naval Base until May 6th and will participate in the International Maritime Defense Exhibition-Asia (IMDEX), a prestigious international showcase in which the world excellences in the defense sector converge, in particular the naval one. Together with the Italian Ambassador in Singapore, Mario Vattani, the ship’s Captain Giovanni Monno today held a press conference illustrating the ship’s peculiarities and her commitment to the Indo-Pacific Campaign to promote Italian excellence in the world. Ambassador Vattani illustrated the significance of the presence of the Morosini ship in this quadrant, its importance in Italy’s relations with Singapore and with the countries of the area, and presented the events organized by the Embassy on the sidelines of this appointment, which will kick off the Italian Festival in Singapore 2023.

“The geopolitical and economic importance of the Indo-Pacific – declared Ambassador Vattani – today leads Italy with foresight to increase its presence in the area. For some time Italy – which has been an ASEAN development partner since 2020 – has been carrying out activities in various coincidences with the seven pillars of the EU Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific”. Italy is in fact engaged in the implementation of the Development Partnership with ASEAN. In this framework, various capacity building activities have been carried out in favor of ASEAN countries in many sectors: protection of civilians in UN peacekeeping missions, fight against terrorism and transnational organized crime, cybercrime, protection of cultural heritage, sustainable coastal management , anti-piracy and the law of the sea. New initiatives in the field of environmental protection, agricultural mechanization, training of magistrates, fight against transnational organized crime are planned.

“With regard to this region of the world, we Italians have an inclusive vision – explained Vattani – which aims to collaborate with all the players in the area and the regional organizations. Today we do it in Singapore by bringing our technological excellence with the Morosini ship, the youngest unit of the Navy which represents an instrument of exceptional operational flexibility, capable of carrying out a multiplicity of both military and civil protection tasks.”