In space with Blue Origin, Captain Kirk’s latest feat from Star Trek

From the USS Enterprise to the Blue Origin capsule to explore new ones ways of launching the tourism business. After days of rumors, confirmation has arrived. William Shatner, the celebrated “Captain Kirk” of the Star Trek saga, will be one of the passengers on New Shepard’s space flight scheduled for October 12th. This was announced by Blue Origin, the company of billionaire Jeff Bezos. Planet Labs co-founder Chris Boshuizen and the co-founder of Meditata Glen de Vries.

Star Trek Captain Kirk

Shatner, 90, known for playing Commander James T. Kirk on Stark Trek for decades, will thus become the oldest person to travel to space, surpassing Wally Funk’s 82-year-old record set on the previous Blue Origin mission. with the aim for Bezos to bring its activities to the attention of the general public.

Shatner himself, very active on social media, had repeatedly expressed his desire to return to board a space shuttle in the past: in the spring of last year, while NASA was preparing to send a manned American spacecraft back into orbit, departed directly from US soil, Shatner had jokingly declared that he was available and had the suit ready. Two months later he had stated on the occasion of Comic-Con in San Diego that he would soon make a journey into space, opening the possibility of participating in an enterprise like that of Blue Origin.

Bezos’ goal

It is not surprising that the icon of Commander Kirk can be put at the service of space tourism: the actor has to his credit a long series of collaborations with NASA for the production of informative content. Reaching space, the real one, will thus be the crowning glory of his career and for Bezos the opportunity to advertise his space tourism even more.