In Stresa, the shooting of the latest film by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo

A wedding, celebrations and cardinals to celebrate the wedding between the children of two dear friends, a divorced wife and an extra partner next to an expensive chef: these are some of the ingredients of the last film of the three comedians’ The most beautiful day of our life’

Stresa and Lake Maggiore natural scenographies and sets, starting from next Monday, for the shooting of the latest film by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo ‘The most beautiful day of our life’, a comedy directed by Massimo Venier produced by Agidi Due who will be in cinemas at Christmas thanks to Medusa Film. Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo are therefore back on the set after the success of ‘I hate the summer’ with a choral film that sees the presence of Antonella Attili and Elena Lietti, and the participation of Lucia Mascino, Margherita Mannino, Giovanni Anzaldo, Pietro Ragusa and Roberto Citran. In a large villa on Lake Como, everything is ready to celebrate the wedding of Elio and Caterina. It will be the best day of their lives and also of their parents, especially of their respective fathers, James and John.

The two have known each other since their school days and have shared everything, the family business – Segrate Arredi – their loved ones, their holidays… The marriage of the children represents the most exciting seal to their fraternal, indissoluble friendship. For this they have spared no expense. Three days of celebrations, a cardinal to celebrate the wedding, fine wines, starred chefs … And to direct it all, an expensive maître who calls himself ‘the Riccardo Muti of catering’. Too bad that together with Margherita, Giovanni’s ex-wife and mother of the bride, Aldo, his new partner, arrives at the wedding. Sympathetic, expansive and above all messy in the highest degree, the newcomer strikes marriage like a tornado, putting in a series of hilarious but above all very expensive gaffes and accidents.

Giacomo and Giovanni try to stem it in every way, but under the blows of Aldo cracks open from which a hidden malaise emerges, destined to question the friendship between Giovanni and Giacomo, their marriages and more. And that will force everyone to deal with their doubts and with the courage it takes to indulge in happiness. After filming in Milan, Brianza and Lake Como, ‘The most beautiful day of our life’ (working title) will be made with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte also in some locations of Lake Maggiore, in particular Stresa. , thanks to the active collaboration of the local administrations involved through the Foundation’s regional network.