In tears on social media is shown on a hospital bed: drama for the beloved actor

The beloved actor in tears on social media lying on a hospital bed: seeing him in those conditions worried everyone, as he is now

With a post on social media lbeloved actor and singer did he know he was in hospital ready to enter the operating room. He looked visibly worried, and with tears in his eyes he shared the last post before undergoing surgery. Only then did he let him know about him.

Actor in hospital (Credits: Instagram)

Every day the life that passes is a flowing line. A halfway drawing .. But I have an engine that has to sing and here the higher you climb the stronger you go“, He used the phrases from one of his famous songs as the caption used under the photo in which he appeared in tears. To this he then added: “Unexpected box, see you again at Via“. But what happened? And above all, who is it?

Great fear for the actor, ended up in hospital: what happened

Protagonist of the shot that made everyone take a good scare therebeloved actor and singer Attilio Fontana, life partner of the splendid actress and writer Clizia Fornasier. With the woman, the two have built a wonderful family. Their love blossomed behind the scenes of the very popular program conducted by Carlo Conti, Tale and Quali Show. It was 2013 when the two met and they have been a truly fantastic couple ever since. From their love two beautiful children were born, Blu Francesco Pio and Mercuzio. The social shots of the whole family are very sweet.

In a post on social media, the actor Attilio Fontana immortalized himself in a self-portrait in which he appeared on a hospital bed moments before putting down the mobile phone and undergoing surgery.

Immediately after the publication of the post, there were immediate comments from friends, colleagues and followers who left a message for Clizia Fornasier’s life partner.

hospital actor
Attilio Fontana in hospital (Credits: Instagram)

Obviously, the reasons that led the artist to undergo surgery have not been disclosed. However, after the enormous concern he returned to social media, informing us about his health conditions. How are you now?

How is Attilio Fontana now

After the shot in which he appeared in tears and worried, in which he wrote at the end of his caption: “Unexpected box, see you at the start! “, Attilio Fontana he then returned to social media.

hospital actor
How is Attilio Fontana (Credits: Instagram)

“‘Coupon’ done”, he wrote in the last post published in which he says he is fine. After thanking everyone for the incredible affection received, she made it clear that she did not intend to spread concerns around, but using her social profile as a ‘logbook’, she chose to share and document this experience as well. Because life, you know, is not only made up of beautiful things and the actor who has always chosen to show himself in his naturalness, without filters and without masks, also wanted to tell a life experience like this.