In the best Michael Jackson style, Chayanne drives his fans crazy with this photo

The Puerto Rican singer Chayanne The 54-year-old is one of the great voices of Latin music in Spanish and as a result accumulates millions of fans around the world. She is also very popular on social networks where she makes permanent contact with her audience and shares unpublished material.

Chayanne He has been away from the stage for several years and his fans anxiously await the day he announces his return. In 2022 he released new songs, so it is expected that this year he will go on tour and meet his audience again, but while this news arrives, the singer surprises with photos of the different moments of his career.

Now Chayanne He left his fandom paralyzed with a photo in which he poses in a total white look and bears a slight resemblance to his colleague Michael Jackson. “How about my outfit?” The singer wrote on the camera’s social network along with a postcard where he wears white pants and a jacket combined with a matching shirt and black belt.

Chayanne and her retro photo. Source: instagram @chayanne

Chayanne His hair is much longer than now and with sideburns, but his beauty and features remain. Immediately her more than 7 million followers from all latitudes reacted to the publication and placed thousands of likes and hundreds of comments highlighting her talent and beauty.

Chayanne. Source: Terra archive

“The love of my life… God bless you platonic love”; “In the best Michael Jackson style”; “Perfect like you, everything looks excellent on you”; “What a face you are for”; “What is happening that Los Angeles from Heaven is falling” and “with that ouffit are you going to marry me?” were some of the comments he received Chayanne and blew up the network.