In the Chamber check pdl to ‘obscure’ CV and criminal record of aspiring ladies

the proposal signed by We Moderates

A law to prohibit the publication of curricula and criminal records of aspiring ladies close to the vote, both on party websites and in the pages of the Interior Ministry. The request was signed in the Chamber by the centrist deputy, Giuseppe Bicchielli of ‘Noi Moderati’, explaining that the privacy of those who are candidates must be guaranteed. “The legislative initiative – reads the draft that AdnKronos has viewed – essentially arises from the observation that the introduction of the aforementioned obligations” relating precisely to the curriculum and the criminal record, “while starting from the principle of transparency, have in reality neglected and the aspect of respect for privacy, strictly guaranteed by our legal system, is invalidated”.

A publication, as currently envisaged which, underlines the proposer, does not pass for “the express consent of the interested parties”, and does not even define the “period of time within which such data must remain published on the website of the party/electoral list”. The text of the law then recalls that curricula and criminal records “are not required upon acceptance of the applications and, therefore, not necessary for the purposes of validation of the same”.

The pdl is articulated in a single point (art.1) which requests the repeal of paragraphs 14 and 15 of article 1 of the law of 9 January 2019 n.3′. Where paragraph 14 which today provides as “by the fourteenth day before the date of electoral competitions of any kind, excluding those relating to municipalities with less than 15,000 inhabitants, political parties and movements are obliged to publish on their website the curriculum vitae provided by their candidates and the relevant criminal record issued by the criminal record no later than ninety days before the date fixed for the electoral consultation”. Also to be quashed is paragraph 15 which currently obliges the publication in the ‘Transparent elections’ section of the website of the Ministry of the Interior “in an easily accessible manner” the “curriculum vitae and the criminal record of the candidates issued by the criminal record no later than ninety days before of the date fixed for the election”.