In the ‘entrepreneur’s digital drawer’ no dreams but concrete tools

A best practice of the Public Administration that accompanies companies in the digital transition awarded by Sda Bocconi

A best practice for the Public Administration and an indispensable service for today’s companies called to operate in an increasingly dynamic and digital market. Let’s talk about digital drawer of the entrepreneurreachable from – ​​the service offered by the Chambers of Commerce to 10 million entrepreneurial citizens for access the official documents of your company – which does not contain the classic ‘dreams in the drawer’ but collects useful and concrete tools for those who do business.

An innovative service that won the award “Public Value: the Public Administration that works”, an initiative conceived and promoted by Sda Bocconi School of Management together with the Gedi Group. Innovation, results and reproducibility were the criteria adopted to select and enhance – among the many projects evaluated – the most innovative experiences in the PA, capable of generating concrete benefits for citizens and businesses and of proposing themselves as examples to emulate.

Surveys, certificates, statutes, financial statements, plans, sworn statements and many other digital documents that can be shared in real time with customers, suppliers, banks, professionals and the PA: the entrepreneur’s digital drawer offers all of this. Simply log in, easily and securely, with your SPID or CNS digital identity. Moreover, totally free.

To date there are over 1.8 million entrepreneurs – legal representatives and business owners (up 17% compared to December 2021) – who have used it to download more than 5 million official documents and thus find up-to-date information and data on your business. is absolutely ‘paperless’ e can also be used on the move via smartphone, tabletso as to reduce the waste of paper and ink and the time and costs of reaching offices and branches in search of company documents.

An innovative tool that demonstrates how the Public Administration – in this case through the contribution of the Chamber system and InfoCamere – is at the center of the creation and development of the Italian digital ecosystem.