In The Force of Desire he played the overseer Clemente: the actor has completely changed, after 20 years you will not recognize him

He played the overseer Clemente in The Force of Desire: after 20 years the actor is no longer the same.

The power of desire is a Brazilian soap opera broadcast in Italy on network 4 starting from 2001. The plot takes place in Brazil, in the mid-nineteenth century. The love between Ignatius and Esther is the center of the plot. The meeting between the two takes place in Rio De Janeiro. Ignazio goes there to study, the woman is the owner of a place where she hosts the most powerful men and the most fascinating courtesans of the place.

It was Clemente in The Force of Desire: after 20 years you will find it hard to recognize the actor (source youtube)

At a certain point, however, the two get lost to meet again in the house of Ignazio’s father. Baron Enrico, owner of Oro Verde, marries Ester. The young man discovers this and is deeply embittered. We have seen that the fazenda is kept under control by the supervisor, Clemente. Unfortunately, for little money, it is often sold to Ventura, owner of Morro Alto. He is not loved, because his behavior is mean, and he mistreats slaves. Remember this character? His temperament was very striking, cold and shady. Did you see today what the actor who brought it to the stage is like? It is completely different.

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In The Force of Desire he was the supervisor Clemente: after 20 years the actor is very different

Ignazio and Ester were the protagonists of The Force of Desire, one of the most loved and followed Brazilian soap operas. Their love encounters many obstacles, the first, when, at a certain point, the two separate.

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They will meet again in the Oro Verde fazenda, owned by Baron Enrico, Ignazio’s father. The young man discovers that his father has married the woman. The fazenda is guarded by Clemente, mean man, he sells himself for little money in Ventura. He mistreats slaves and has a passion for Zulmira, whom he often treats badly. The actor who played it is Chico Diaz. After 20 years it is no longer the same:

Chico DIaz
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Did you recognize him? Diaz has completely changed after so many years. She no longer has long curly hair, but now, it’s much shorter. The face has remained the same, apart from some signs of aging. Today, the actor is 62, then he was about 42. He has acted in cinema and on television, but looking at his instagram channel, it would seem that he is also busy at the theater. Furthermore, Diaz is also an artist.