In The Force of Desire it was Ester: after 20 years the actress shows herself like this and leaves everyone speechless

She played Ester, the female protagonist in the telenovela The force of desire: after 20 years as is the beloved actress.

The power of desire is a Brazilian soap opera broadcast in Italy on network 4 starting from 2001. It all takes place in Brazil, in the mid-nineteenth century. At the heart of the story, the love between Ignatius and Esther. The woman is the owner of a place where she hosts the most powerful men and the most charming courtesans in Rio de Janeiro. It is precisely in Rio De Janeiro that the two meet and fall in love, so much so that they get married.

Ester was the protagonist of The force of desire: how is the actress today (source youtube)

At some point, however, they lose sight of each other. They will meet again in the house of the young man’s father. Ignatius, in fact, will discover that his beloved has become the man’s own wife. Theirs is a beautiful but very troubled love story, where we have seen very important issues dealt with. At the time there were wealthy lords who still made use of slaves. Well, do you remember the beautiful Esther? The actress who played her is Maria de Lourdes da Silveira “Malu” Mader, or rather Malu Mader. After 20 years, do you know what it is like today? We show you a photo of him.

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It was Ester in The Force of Desire: How is the actress after 20 years

It has fascinated us, it has transported us into a compelling, passionate storyline, immersing us in facts of a past time that many have experienced on their skin. The power of desire it is certainly one of the most loved and appreciated soap operas. Esther and Ignatius were the center of the plot, with their strong and stormy love.

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In the end, love triumphed and the couple joined in a long and passionate kiss. That’s exactly how the Brazilian soap ended. Remember the female lead? A good 20 years have passed since then. We wonder, do you know how it is today? Check out this shot:

Malu Mader
instagram source

Seeing today Malu Mader, interpreter of Ester, leaves us speechless, because she is beautiful. The time for the actress does not seem to have passed, because there are no signs of aging at all. Born in 1966, she was very young at the time. Her character as Ester, her temperament as a strong and independent woman has conquered viewers and even now, years later, they remember her and remember the soap opera with so much love.