In the Grand Hotel he shows himself like this: today the actor is completely different, unrecognizable!

In Grand Hotel he shows himself like this: today the actor is completely different, unrecognizable in this shot shared on social media.

A story full of twists that has literally conquered the viewers of Canale 5. It is the one told in Grand Hotel – Intrigues and passions, the Spanish TV series proposed by Mediaset and now in its third edition.

Alfredo in Grand Hotel (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

What we are following this summer, in fact, is the third and final installment of the series, which in Spain officially ended in 2013. At the center of the events of the serial set in the prestigious hotel in Cantaloa, there is the turbulent love story between the rich Alicia Alarcon and the servant Julio Olmedo, of humble origins. A love thwarted by many people, first of all Diego Murquia, Alicia’s ruthless husband. Will there be the long-awaited happy ending? We’ll see and, in the meantime, we’ll talk about another protagonist of the series. It is about Alfredo, Marquis of Vergara and husband of Sofia Alarcon, Alicia’s sister. To interpret it is the Spanish actor Fele Martinez: curious to see how it is off the set? You will be stunned.

It’s Alfredo in the Grand Hotel: the actor off the set looks like another person

Endless secrets and intrigues at the Grand Hotel. Secrets that also involve Alfredo Samaniego, one of the protagonists of the Spanish TV series proposed by Canale 5. At the moment, the man is hiding the truth about his noble title from his wife, making her believe that they have been appointed dukes by the king himself. Sofia too, however, has a lot of secrets with her husband, starting from her increasingly ambiguous relationship with Father Grau, the new parish priest of the city. What evolution will this couple have in the grand finale? We can’t wait to find out! And in the meantime we show you a shot of Fele Martinez, born Rafael Martinez.

Born in 1975, it was he who took on the role of Alfredo, in all three seasons of Grand Hotel, from 2011 to 2013. Appeared in numerous successful series and films, the actor off the set he is very different from his alter ego on the Spanish TV series. Just take a look at his Instagram channel to notice how hers is look is definitely different from that of the former Marquis of Vergara. Take a look at this shot, shared by Martinez on his Instagram channel, last June:

alfredo grand hotel
Fele Martinez (Instagram Credits)

Gray mustache and goatee, straw hat and glasses with black frame: a decidedly more casual look than that of his character on stage! And you, have you followed the fourth episode of the series, broadcast on Friday 12 August? We remind you that there are still three episodes left, each consisting of two episodes: the grand finale of the series will be broadcast on Friday 2 September 2022. We can’t wait to find out what will happen to our Alicia and Julio, and you?