In the Municipality led by Sgarbi, the first digital building archives with the AI

The Redd startup brings a new technological system to Sutri, aiming to speed up the urban regeneration process envisaged by the Pnrr

Municipal building archives digitized and managed by a system based on Digital Intelligence. It is the innovation that arrived in Municipality of Sutri, led by the mayor Vittorio Sgarbi, thanks to the innovative startup Redd
founded by Riccardo Delli Santi and participated by Banca del Fucino. With this innovation, Sutri “is the first Municipality to have digitally organized its building archives, through artificial intelligence”, a technological innovation that allows “to reclassify building and administrative documents by extracting their metadata – date, instant or protocol number – to make building and amnesty practices easily available and accessible by technicians and citizens “announces the startup, underlining that the Lazio municipality, which brings together over 6,400 inhabitants,” has adopted the innovative system designed by Redd “.

Redd (Real Estate Documents & Data) explains that qhis operation “makes it possible to facilitate the search for the building practices necessary for requesting the Superbonus 110% as well as to better address the urban regeneration process inherent in the NRP”. Alessio Toccarelli, CEO of Redd, points out that “the goal of the project launched with the Municipality of Sutri was to speed up the search for documents subject to access to citizens’ records, especially after the entry into force of the maxi tax deduction. for energy redevelopment works, the Superbonus 110% “. “Digitization – explains Toccarelli – does not help to search and process information: that’s why Redd does not just scan documents, but analyzes them by extracting, with artificial intelligence, the main information “. “Let us remember that urban regeneration, in which the Pnrr invests a lot, is not possible without the original building documentation for the purpose of demonstrating the legitimacy of the property” warns the CEO.

“Only a digitized and easily accessible building archive will allow us to achieve the objectives set by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. After this first test, – continues Toccarelli – our systems, compatible with all management platforms aimed at the interoperability of digital services, are ready to be applied to all the building archives of Italian municipalities, guaranteeing a reduction in time and costs “. “When Redd offered us his service we did not hesitate. The analysis – he affirmedto the head of town planning office of the Municipality of Sutri, Luigi De Falco – made it possible to digitize the archive and, thanks to the extracted metadata, to search for documents using various criteria, facilitating access to documents also for citizens “.” The digitization of documents amnesty practices still outstanding will simplify the investigations and accelerate the process of restoring legality in the Sutri area which is also one of the objectives of the administration of Mayor Sgarbi “adds De Falco finally.