In the sun, Marité Matus raised the temperature in a bathing suit

End of the year is a difficult date for many. Marité Matus It has been shown throughout December at school events and meetings at the schools of his three children: Alonso, Elizabetta and Emiliano. And this has been one of the main criticisms that Arturo Vidal has received. The King is on vacation in Dubai with his girlfriend.

The King is spending the summer with the Colombian model Sonia Isaza, leaving aside the important events of his children. For example, that Alonso graduated from eighth grade. “My everything” and “When did he grow up” he wrote marite in their stories along with images of the eldest of their children at their graduation.

Once again, the followers of Arturo vidal They did not let it pass and they filled it with comments on social networks. “How ashamed your children must feel! Seeing you with Sonia, leaving them alone, you didn’t even give them a vacation, wow! Today is your eldest son’s graduation and you didn’t care about that. We want to see you when you’re old and they won’t even hit you, and it will be your worst punishment! Daddy of the year “was one of the toughest messages he received from a follower.

Arturo Vidal and Sonia Isaza in Dubai. Source: Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

But it was not the only one. “AWEO… the holidays are with your children and you didn’t take them anywhere”, “Hey daddy, today is your son’s degree and your vacation mode. You’ve missed important moments because you’re working and now you’re missing them because you want to, perking!” were some of the comments, which Vidal completely ignored, or at least did not respond.

Marité Matus in the sun’s rays. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

beyond everything, marite He continues with a clear conscience by attending the events of his offspring. That is why in the last hours she shared a photograph on her Instagram stories where she is seen posing in the sunbeam wearing a tight black two-piece swimsuit matching a hat from a renowned and expensive brand.